Facebook pages and Slack Integration for notification

If you are a Slack user and interested in social media listening or monitoring for your brand or customers. This article provides the best solution for you.

There is a new tool that name is Coment. Coment helps online publishers save time by managing all comments on a single dashboard.Moreover, Coment's slack integration provides real-time comment notification through Slack channel, you can get all your comments and twitter streams on the Slack app.

Firstly, Sign Up Coment.io, it's a free tool for comment management for Facebook.After the successful registration process. Coment dashboard redirects to you page configuration page something like this;

Facebook Pages and Slack integration for comments

After you activated your Facebook pages. Click Settings at left sidebar and click Authenticate Slack button.

Facebook Pages and Slack integration for comments authentication with slack

If you complete these easy two steps, you will be notified by slack channel name is coment-io when you received a new comment on your Facebook pages.

Moreover, we sent an email and asked question about Production Development for fully functional comment management with Slack through coment.io. They sad that facebook comment management and Slack integration will be more functional very soon.

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